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How do your brushes work?

When you brush your skin with an ionic body brush, you create a natural friction between the ion-charged copper bristles and your skin. That friction creates negative ions on the surface of your skin. Negative ions are very beneficial for the body (more on that below). In addition, using an ionic body brush enhances the usual benefits of using an ordinary body brush. In particular, dry brushing improves circulation, eliminates dead skin cells, stimulates the body’s lymphatic system (which promotes detoxification and helps eliminate toxins that can cause inflammation and illness), aids digestion, and reduces and even eliminates cellulite.

What are negative ions?

Negative ions are very important to the health of your body. Put simply, ions are atoms or molecules in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons. When there are more electrons than protons, the atom or molecule has a net negative electrical charge (these are known as ‘anions’). On the other hand, when there are more protons than electronics, the atom or molecule has a net positive electrical charge (these are known as ‘cations’).

Ions occur naturally and are often created through friction created between air and water. For example, a heavy rainfall, ocean waves crashing against a rocky shore, and a mountain waterfall can infuse the air and water with thousands of negative ions. Negative ions, which have long been known to have very beneficial effects on the human body, are inhaled through the air we breathe and the water we drink. Negative ions often explain why we experience a greater sense of calm and well-being after a cleansing rainfall, or when we spend time on the beach or near a waterfall. This enhanced state of well-being is the effect of thousands of negative ions beneficially impacting our biochemistry and energy levels.

Positive ions, on the other hand, have the contrary effect on our biochemistry and energy levels. Positive ions are generally produced by electronic equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, x-rays, infrared radiation, televisions, radios, wireless internet, microwaves, and bluetooth devices. As a consequence of the abundance of electronics and technology in our world, we are constantly bombarded by positively charged ions.

Exposure to positive ions is typically highest in an office environment when we are in front of a computer screen, or at home in front of a television. Positive ions also tend to collect in environments where the air is stale and dust is prone to settle, such as in windowless office environments. Positive ions tend to make us feel tense, anxious, and irritated, and can contribute to various illnesses and other health problems. In short, positive ions create unhealthy environments, and repeated exposure tends to make our bodies crave negative ions all the more (hence why we often long for the outdoors after a long week at work).

Negative ions are often discussed in relation to what are commonly referred to as ‘free radicals’. Free radicals are molecules or atoms that have at least one ‘lone’ or ‘unpaired’ electron, but the molecule or atom does not carry a charge like an ion because the number of orbiting electrons still matches the number of protons. Free radicals are generated in our external environment. Free radicals are very harmful because they effectively try to ‘steal’ an electron from other atoms and molecules in order to become electrically ‘stable’. When free radicals come into contact with our bodies, they can cause significant damage to our cells and tissues.

You can fight free radicals by eating antioxidants, which are healthy compounds found in fruits and vegetables that provide ‘spare’ electrons which can neutralize free radicals and prevent them from doing damage to your body. In addition, dry brushing with an ionic body brush creates negative ions directly onto the skin through natural friction. The highly conductive composition of the copper bristles allows those negative ions to be absorbed into your body through your skin.

Using an ionic body brush therefore has the effect of providing your body with an excess of negative ions, which in turn provides your body with a multitude of ‘spare’ electrons which are ready to neutralize free radicals that come into contact with your body. In other words, regularly using an ionic body brush essentially creates a ‘protective ion shield’ around your body in addition to providing the many usual benefits of ordinary dry brushing.

How should I use my brush?

Our brushes are designed to be used without water, soap, or oil.

We recommend using either your ionic or sisal body brush on a daily basis in order to detoxify the body, eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, aid digestion, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you are new to dry brushing or have sensitive skin, you can start dry brushing once a week and work your way up to every 2-3 days depending how sensitive your skin is. You should also listen to your body and can adjust your dry brushing frequency as needed.

In addition, we recommend using your brush first thing upon waking up in the morning and before showering or bathing. This is an excellent practice which helps invigorate the body and also ensures that dead skin and toxins are washed away, giving you a healthy glow and leaving you refreshed and energized for the rest of your day. Many of our customers incorporate our brush into their morning cleansing routine and enjoy taking a cool shower immediately after dry brushing.

If you prefer to shower or bathe at night, then you can certainly incorporate dry brushing into your nightly routine. However, please note that dry brushing can have a stimulating effect on your body, which means that it may energize you rather than get you in the mood for sleeping! That said, everyone is different, so certainly give it a try and see how your body reacts.

We recommend brushing rhythmically and with light, smooth, and gentle strokes. Make sure to adjust the speed and pressure in order to match the sensitivity of your skin. Start by brushing the soles of your feet and then work your way up and inward.

We recommend brushing with long, straight strokes towards the heart. This is the direction in which lymph flows in your body, so brushing in this direction (as opposed to brushing in a circular motion or away from your heart) will have the most beneficial effect on your lymphatic system, which is responsible for detoxifying your body. In addition, brushing in this direction will help stimulate the nervous system and increase your blood circulation.

In general, it should take 3-5 minutes to brush your body thoroughly. You can use the brush on the entire surface of your body depending on the sensitivity of your skin, although many of our customers prefer to avoid brushing the delicate skin on their face, neck and chest. Please avoid brushing any skin that is irritated or broken and please exercise additional caution when brushing skin that has any abrasions or raised moles.

You will typically find it easier to dry brush while you are standing. However, you can also dry brush while you are sitting or reclining, so long as you always ensuring that you are brushing in the direction of your heart.

It is perfectly normal for your skin to be slightly flushed after using your brush. After you have finished brushing and have had a shower or bathed, we recommend that you apply lotion or oil to the areas that you have dry brushed in order to nourish and moisturize your skin. Coconut oil can be a great option. In addition, please make sure to drink plenty of water after dry brushing in order to facilitate the detoxification process. In fact, drinking plenty of water after brushing can greatly enhance the detoxification effect of the brushing process.

Any new dry brushing routine requires time to improve your health, so please be patient and consistently use your brush to enjoy excellent health results!

Please make sure not to use an ionic body brush if you are allergic to any metals. In addition, make sure to always brush your body when it is dry and never when it is damp or wet. We also recommend using a separate brush for each member of your household.

Are your brushes suitable for all skin types?

We are happy to say that our brushes are suitable for most skin types. Our ion-charged copper bristles are extra thin and made to be as soft as possible. You will be amazed to learn that copper can be made this soft!

Because the health benefits of using an ionic body brush are enhanced by the friction created between the bristles and your skin, it is essential that the bristles have a certain level of abrasiveness. If you have extra-sensitive skin, are new to dry brushing, or are accustomed to using a normal dry brush, then we suggest that you brush very lightly and slowly when you first start using your brush. If needed, you can also limit your brushing to the less delicate areas of your body where your skin is thicker (such as your arms and legs).

Your skin will eventually become accustomed to the copper bristles, and, when it does, you can brush faster and less lightly, and also brush the more delicate areas of your body with ease.

Please note that if you have a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, or extra-sensitive skin, any of our brushes may not be for you. Dry brushing of any kind is often too abrasive for these skin types and conditions.

How will my skin feel after brushing?

Your skin will feel great after brushing! An ionic body brush feels very different than a typical body brush; in particular, ionic body brushes create a unique soothing effect and a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin. Your skin will feel more invigorated and refreshed than it would using a typical body brush.

How are your brushes made?

All of our ionic body brushes are handmade with love from the highest-quality sustainably-harvested beechwood, which is then beautifully smoothed and finished with natural wax.

Our ion-charged copper bristles are made from a high-quality alloy of copper and zinc, both of which are very important trace minerals. Copper aids in the formation of collagen, facilitates the absorption of iron, and plays a central role in energy production. In addition, zinc is essential for healthy hormone production, maintaining energy levels, supporting immunity, and promoting good digestion.

The unique molecular structure of our copper bristles permits negative ions (created by the friction between the copper bristles and your skin) to be directly absorbed by your skin and into your body.

In addition, each of our brushes features an outer ring of bristles made from beautiful all-natural and ethically-sourced boar hair.

How are the boar bristles sourced?

The boar bristles used in our brushes are obtained in a humane, loving and gentle manner. In particular, the boar bristles are obtained from a special breed of boar raised solely for its bristles. The bristles are carefully harvested using a process similar to the process used to shear wool from sheep. The boars are very well cared for, and the bristles are harvested throughout their long lifetimes.

Can I use two brushes?

Many of our customers enjoy dry brushing their body with an ionic brush on each hand. Although not required, brushing with two brushes can be a heavenly experience! In particular, it allows the user to create a natural brushing rhythm and finish thoroughly brushing much faster than with a single brush.

How should I clean my brush?

Copper is naturally anti-bacterial, so there is no need to clean your ionic body brush in the same manner as you might clean an ordinary brush. In order to keep your brush clean, we recommend brushing the bristles several times with a dry cloth, or tapping the brush with the bristles pointed down on a washable surface, such as a sink basin, in order to remove any skin particles. We suggest that you do this after every each use. Please make sure never to wash your ionic body brush with water or soap.

Where do you ship from?

We ship all orders from the USA.

How long does shipping take?

We know how excited our customers are to receive their new ionic dry brush, so all orders are packaged and shipped within 1 business day. Delivery time varies by destination:

Shipping within the USA: 3-5 business days with tracking.

Shipping outside the USA: 9-22 business days with tracking.

Learn more about our shipping policy here.

How are your items packaged for shipment?

All of our products are safely wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged in an individual box that is then shipped and sealed in a bubble mailer or shipping carton. Because our products are individually wrapped none of our products are ever touched by shipping or delivery staff. Items are shipped from our warehouse in the USA that is cleaned and sanitized daily.

Will there be any additional charges (such as duty or taxes) on international orders?

As noted in our Shipping Policy, all international orders (outside of the USA) may be subject to customs fees and inspection in the destination country which may result in a charge beyond our control. Please check with your local customs office before ordering to determine if there are any additional costs.

How can I update my order?

Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to cancel or change your order. We ship orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to process your request.

How do you give back?

We are very proud of the fact that Prana Brush is a social enterprise.

What does that mean? Well, in short, it means that our goal isn't to make our bank account as flush as possible, but, rather, to do our part to make the world a better place.

We achieve that goal by donating 15% of our profit to several non-profit organizations that work to supply nutritious food to families in developing countries.

As a result, your purchase of one of our ionic body brushes will help create significant positive impact for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

Enjoy the good karma! 

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Learn more about our return policy!